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Mat Pilates 6-week Series

How to Build Routine and Utilize our Powerhouse

Join Pilates Instructor Stacy Rabe and explore how to increase core strength, gain flexibility, and improve balance with this mat Pilates workshop series. Our bodies crave movement and structure. We will focus on proper alignment, coordination, and fluid breathwork while increasing posture awareness.

Stacy has 20 years of experience teaching a variety of classical and contemporary mat Pilates classes for all ages and all fitness levels.

July 10, 2024 - August 14, 2024

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM for $150

Limited to 25 In-Person

Explore what this Mat Pilates 6-week Series is all about!

Throughout this series we will practice how to channel our energy, feel better motivation, and create a positive mind-set around Pilates. You will gain the knowledge of proper Pilates techniques, learn how to modify challenging moves, and advance your practice with props. Leave with a better understanding of why Pilates is so beneficial for stress-relief, circulation, mobility, and injury prevention. 

This series is designed for multi-level students who want to learn what Pilates is all about, as well as, deepen their practice to create a lifelong routine. 

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