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Yoga of Alignment Kollective

Part of the Thrive Wellness Community


Yoga Foundations

In our Yoga Foundations classes we practice the ins and outs of poses in order to “learn” the practice and be in harmony with our own body's ability and capacity. Each of our Yoga Foundations classes is taught by an Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ (ABYS). An ABYS trained instructor has gone through extensive training hours in body mechanics, pose modifications, and practice personalization in order to assist each participant in learning how to do the yoga postures in a safe and sustainable way. This style of yoga is often referred to as Alignment Based Yoga and it is yoga tailored for EVERY BODY. This is a great class for ALL LEVELS, especially those who are just getting started and those curious about how to deepen their own practice no matter how long you have been at it. There is something for everyone in this class. 

"Believe in your innate Wholeness"

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