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Yoga Equipment

Alignment Based Yoga uses Props to Support our bodies, create accessibility in poses and increase possibility for success and decreased injury.

Main Yoga Props to have on hand for our online classes:

  • A sticky yoga mat.

  • Here is a link to our favorite 


  • 2 Yoga Blocks Size 4x6 

  • Here is a link to our favorite ones, but any blocks will do 

  • At Minimum 2 Firm Blankets

  • Here is a link to a selection of blankets to choose from 

  • An 8ft Cloth Yoga Strap with Metal D Rings (although any strap will do)

  • Here is a link to our favorite straps:

  • A Chair 

  • A folding chair works best, but you can use any chair around the house. If you would like a traditional yoga chair you can find out more about them here: 

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