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How to Get Things Done with Heart, Mind and Ease

There’s no need to continue to struggle.

Life can often seem like a series of endless tasks that feel overwhelming to think about and exhausting to do.The constant barrage of errands, chores, and paperwork can be distracting and derailing, making it difficult to focus on big dreams as little things keep getting in the way.


12:30 - 2:30 pm for $30

The more you struggle to get things done, the more frustration and self-doubt build. On one level you know the truth of your capability, but it can be hard to access it as you find yourself perpetually bogged down and exhausted by the details.

This class offers both key insights and practical steps to reduce stress and increase freedom around getting things done, including:

  • How the brain is wired to make doing things stressful, and how you can train it to make them easeful

  • The principles of effective action, so you no longer expend big effort for little result

  • How to turn on and fire up your brain for any task, regardless of how much you initially resist it

  • Proven strategies for getting things done in a way that continuously builds your experience of ease and accomplishment

There’s no need to continue to struggle. Now is the time to unfurl your wings and fly. Learn how to align the heart and mind to create easeful action, so getting things done is part of the wonder of life and not a roadblock to its joy.

Jewel Marin





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