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Meditating on the Beach

Gong Meditation

Join us on a transformative journey of healing and deep relaxation, as we bathe every cell of the body in therapeutic sound and vibration. This healing and transformative journey through sound will leave you feeling tuned, refreshed and connected with your intuitive personal power. 


The gong acoustically elevates us, creating a deep spontaneous meditative state that restores harmony and vitality to the mind, body and soul.  

The 90-minute event includes a brief discussion on the healing attributes of the gong, a 62-minute Gong Meditation, followed by sweets and community.

The Gong Meditation is best experienced lying down on your back or a similar comfortable position. Wear comfortable clothes and bring whatever you need to be relaxed for the meditation - yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water, eye mask, etc.


Promotes relaxation and stress relief

Restores vibrational balance and mind-body harmony

Stimulates immune system and glandular functioning

Encourages the movement of life force energy

Clears habitual negative thought patterns

Supports deep spontaneous meditation

Improves concentration, creativity and will-power

Advances spiritual exploration and self-discovery

6:30 PM
(90-minute Session)
for $30

Available on the following dates:

limit to 30 people per session

Wayne is a life-long musician who has studied the gong extensively under Gong Master Mehtab Benton. His authentic style of playing, infused with passion and intention, promotes deep relaxation and transformation. Wayne is the Founder-Director of Beneficial Sound, a 501(c)3 public charity committed to bringing wellness to the mind, body and soul through sound and vibration. He has a degree in Psychology, is a Certified Gong Practitioner and is a member of the American Sound Healers Association.

An old man hitting a gong
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Wayne Marto


425 296 6513


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