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Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Come join us for free in this fun learning experience about Hypnotherapy and about yourself.

Become familiar with the amazing benefits it offers anyone who is

ready for a change.


Join Us on October 22, 2023
1:30pm - 3:00pm

If you experience chronic pain, struggle with anxiety and depression, lack of motivation and direction or simply are looking for a deep body-mind cleanse then please join us.

Dagmar is inviting you to relax while utilizing a Method called Healing Vortex, an imaginary energy force that flows through your body, repairing, cleansing and strengthening your body, allowing you to feel calm and balanced. Bring your yoga mat, pillows and a blanket to comfortably settle in for this treat.

Dagmar Gewiese

Cert. Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

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