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Embodying Calm

I am Rachel Lundberg and this is the story behind the creation of


During the last trimester and birth of my third child something flipped for me. I started experiencing severe panic attacks, insomnia, and relentless states of fear and anxiety. It felt like my life had been ripped away from me and I had three small children to care for. I searched and searched for answers of how to “fix myself."


I felt like I was dying and the day to day stress of my everyday life only exacerbated my mysterious and challenging health conditions.  For years I felt broken as I dealt with these random panic attacks, chronic anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelm, auto-immune disease (with a long list of other diagnoses), and feeling helpless to do anything about it.

I went from doctor to doctor sometimes up to 3 times a week and at one point felt like my body wouldn't last 6 more months. It was that hard.

And guess what?

Eventually, I got better. But it wasn't a magic pill or magic doctor that saved me from my suffering. It was a deep dive into the science of the brain and nervous system coupled with life giving soul-work that allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and start smiling authentically again.

I always knew I wanted to tell my story from the other end of this dark tunnel and now I can, and I do. That is why I created Embodying Calm Six Month Mentorship Program so that I can assist you in finding your authentic smile again and the inner calm that is your birthright. And, help you set in motion your own healing through nervous system regulation and brain rewiring. 

When we understand that we are not just “overly emotional”, “too stressed out”, “overreacting”, “too much”, “defined by a diagnoses”, or “broken”, we can access compassion and space to learn the truth of what is going on inside us at a deeper, more profound level and begin to see lasting results that restore hope, joy, and connection in our lives. 

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