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Wendi Westbrook, LMT


Lic. #13178

I am an experienced LMT who, having worked alongside Chiropractors through my career, have learned to tailor each massage to the clients current needs. I specialize in therapeutic, deep tissue work in the hips, back, neck and shoulders. Relaxation is also key to successfully overcoming pain and stress, if this is what your body needs, this is where we will focus. I also have years of experience working on PIP auto injury cases. Massage is a great addition to any rehabilitation plan after an auto injury.

I look forward to working with you!

Tricia Weber

Tricia Weber, LMT

Reclamation~ Bodywork
My bodywork is grounded deeply in craniosacral therapy, spiritual healing, and abdominal massage. 

I focus on helping you release what’s holding you back- on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels- so you can whole-heartedly reclaim pleasure. 

I shine at discovering those physical spots of tension you may not have even known you were holding within your body, finding ways to gently, profoundly unwind and release this stress, making space for you to inhabit your body with intention. 

With training in Western herbalism, craniosacral therapy, plant spirit medicine, qi gong, polarity therapy, Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, Maya Abdominal Massage and Spiritual Healing, and pregnancy massage, I can tailor each treatment to be exactly what you need to begin to embody and reclaim pleasure.

Marisa Farr.JPG

Marisa Farr, LMT

phone: 503-765-9809


I am an intuitive learner of life, massage therapist, Human Design reader, and an energy worker. As a reader of Human Design and Chinese Astrology, I find people are often searching for more understanding of how they can best function in this world. These practices give us the foundation to work on living our most authentic life. My massage career has been mostly along side chiropractors and acupuncturist who focus on the root cause. Craniosacral therapy is my passion, working with headaches, migraine and head injuries along with many other issues. Deep tissue is my second passion because I find that often it is needed to release tension and stress from our daily lives.


Craniosacral Description: 

Craionsacral massage therapy is a gentle hands on technique that is used to assist the fascia to release. This form of massage also works on the fluids in and around the central nervous system, helping to relieve headaches, migraine chronic fight or flight and much more. This session starts with the you getting comfortable on the table. Using very light slow touch, there is time and space for your body to unwind. Many people claim to experience a twilight state during the session or even fall asleep. After, most people feel much more calm and relaxed. 


Human Design Reading Description:

I like to say that Human Design is like Astrology on steroids. Using your birth time, place, and date a chart is run that explains many of the detailed aspects of what makes you your unique self. Often people feel incredibly validated during their reading as well as are able to gain some clarity and direction to the questions that they maybe facing.  Your chart is part of who you are and I would love more than to be able to share that with you. 

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