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Dr. Janet Thompson, DC

Chiropractic Physician




As a holistic primary care practitioner with 30 years of experience in chiropractic medicine.  I specialize in resolving chronic issues and pain, nutrition, lifestyle, medical intuition, NET, NAET, and in-person and remote energy healing. My approach is centered around identifying and releasing the root cause of your ailments for true healing to occur. 

I embrace the weird and the wonderful, welcoming all kinds of patients with diverse concerns. In our sessions, we delve into all dimensions of your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies to promote healing, growth, and transformation. Each appointment is unique and tailored to your specific needs at that time. You can expect a wide range of techniques, including soft tissue work, chiropractic manipulation (both force and non-force), acupuncture meridian points and chakras, cranial sacral, extremity and visceral work, as well as subtle energetic release and restoration. 

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