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Women's Health

Laura Bartko, CNM, NP


Vibrant Women’s Health

Laura Bartko, CNM, NP brings an integrative approach to women’s health to the Thrive Wellness community.

Integrative health combines the best of mainstream medicine and natural healing modalities.  Too often health care is divided into modern medicine, (especially pharmaceutical drugs) on one side, and natural methods like herbs, nutrition, homeopathy and lifestyle changes on the other.  I have worked in both types of health care settings, and recognize that each has huge benefit when used in the right situation.  Integrative medicine offers both sets of tools in an individualized plan that works for you!

My goal at Vibrant Women’s Health is to empower and support you.  In this practice we have long appointments, which give the space and time needed for careful listening to what’s really going on in your life and health.  We search out and consider root causes that might be contributing to your symptoms. We then consider and discuss your options for treatment, and you become an active partner in deciding the plan that is best for your situation.

 I offer preventative care (such as annual well woman exams, pap, and lab work), gynecology problem visits, birth control options, and so much more. 

I also love sharing new developments and treatment options for conditions that I frequently see in clinic.  Keep an eye out for workshops discussing menopause, coping with stress and anxiety, bladder issues, fertility issues, and more!  In October we are kicking things off with a series for pregnancy, childbirth prep, and postpartum health for our pregnant friends.

Please check out for more info.  If my door is open, please stop in and say hi.

Laura Bartko, nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner at Vibrant Women’s Health

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