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The Journey Begins February 8, 2023

Did you know that much of the stress and anxiety you feel in your mind and body is generated from habitual responses in your nervous system that you can learn to rewire and regulate? 
Do you have a difficult time feeling like you are in your body and able to be present to the life that is unfolding for you in this very moment?

Many of the most important lessons in life don't need to be postponed to adulthood. You can learn now how to regulate your nervous system to assist in accessing more calm in your life. You can learn the principles of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain to generate healthy thought patterns and become the captain of the ship that is YOUR LIFE. 

I have been assisting people of all ages to learn, implement, and embody a greater sense of calm since 2018. I am passionate about guiding others toward the calm that already exists within using:

  • Science based information and techniques

  • Wisdom from my own experience of learning to regulate my own nervous system and to rewire my brain

  •  My intuitive gifts as a guide to assist you to connect with the untouchable spaces of confidence and calm that innately exist inside you

Join me in 6 Weeks to Calm for Teens and together we will access tools and support that can change your life forever!


You don't have to keep waiting or numbing out to feel more calm and joy in your life, you are fully resourced right now and I am excited to guide you on this journey.

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What is Covered in 6 Weeks to Calm?

Outline of Each Topic



  • Solidifying our learning into what it is like to be at ease with what is as the quickest way to move through challenging times, access calm and regulate our nervous system



  • Learning what our individual Window of Tolerance is and how knowing this helps us rewire our old patterns of chaos and stress 

  • Recognizing how our Window of Tolerance is affected by different emotions, traumas, and life stressors and how we can learn to explore these experiences with curiosity, compassion, and empowerment



  • How does learning to regulate our nervous system affect our health, relationships, and overall sense of well-being?

  • The science of the nervous system, the breath, Neuroplasticity and nervous system rewiring

In this program you will receive access to:

  • 6 modules of information, practices, interviews, resources, meditations, and gentle/supportive movement practices all curated to assist in learning your way back to a calm and healthy nervous system

  • 7 group coaching calls where I will guide and assist you in this journey (All calls will be virtual and recordings will be available for replay access)

  • Small intimate group attention and specialized assistance to each individual (each group is limited to 12 participants)

I am passionate about sharing this work and look forward to sharing in your return to Calm.

If you are not sure this is a good fit, please schedule a call with me and I can answer any questions you may have about the program.

Our Zoom Meeting Times 

Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 PM PST

Call One: February 08
Call Two: February 15
Call Three: February 22
Call Four: March 1
Call Five: March 08
Call Six: March 15
Call Seven: March 22

Total Investment: $297

Want to join and need financial assistance? Please email

**note to parents**

In order for your teen to get the most out of this program it is important that they feel empowered to choose it and not be forced or pressured.  

Young Volunteers

Reserve your spot now only 12 spots available

(if class becomes full, and enough people are interested, an alternate class time may become available)


Outdoor Meditation

Nancy Ewing, California

Six Weeks to Calm gave me a pathway to noticing how I felt in my emotions and in my body, and Rachel gave me tools to help recognize, sit with, regulate and calm those feelings. Rachel provided a warm, supportive environment for me to try out different ways to feel calmer.

Yoga by the Ocean

Elizabeth Hall, Connecticut
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Professional Life Coach

I took 6 Weeks to Calm with Rachel Lundberg during the breakout of the global Coronavirus pandemic. Talk about needing to feel some calm! Rachel’s program took something that can feel indefinable - “calm” and gave us tangible approaches that were easy to implement and remember when feeling stressed out.  The approaches were also something everyone could personalize and individualize, have fun with and make their own. I will definitely be tapping daily into the teachings that were shared as this extraordinary experience continues to unfold.

Focused Mind

Meryl Heyton, New Jersey
Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner and Coach

I feel so lucky to have met you and joined the 6 Weeks To Calm Program.  Being a Coach myself I used this as continuing education knowing I'd also learn tools to help myself stay calm.  One thing I mentioned I wanted to shift was not being so reactive towards my mother.  I have to say it has slightly shifted.  And I believe with continued practice of what I learned it will get better and better over time.  This program is very valuable! Thank you again for offering this program it came at the perfect time.

Calm Lake

About 6 Weeks to Calm for Teens Creator 

Rachel Lundberg 

As someone who has walked the walk of a chronically dysregulated nervous system, Rachel Lundberg brings with her a lifetime of experience learning to dance with the discomforts of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. In her adult life, nervous system dysregulation led her on a decade-long journey with chronic illness and a relentless search for the light at the end of the tunnel. With the assistance of incredible friends and healers she found her way back home to the calm within by learning to rewire her brain and regulate her nervous system. Through this retraining process Rachel's body healed from chronic illness and she learned how to be at ease with life in a way unknown to her in the past. 


Rachel now shares her experience, wisdom, and hope through her signature programs Six Weeks to Calm, The 6 Month Embodying Calm Mentorship, and her InBodyWise Yoga classes. She also works with individuals one on one assisting them to anchor into their inner knowing and consciously create a heart based life of joy. You can work with Rachel in her yoga classes, in her group programs, one on one, and in various workshops around the US and abroad. 


Rachel is excited to share her recent launch of 6 Weeks to Calm for Teens so that teens can be empowered to create a life from a healthy nervous system and an open, loving heart. 

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