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Yoga and Female Pelvic Health with Rachel and Dr. Leasa

"Harnessing the Power of your Power Spot™”

In this workshop we will cover:


The anatomy of the female pelvis including muscles, bones, organs, pelvic floor, and the diaphragm/pelvic floor connection. 


You will gain a greater understanding of female pelvic health, and leave with asana practices and tips to assist with general pelvic health as well as how to understand and support urinary/vaginal  structural weakness by learning how to access and use your Power Spot™


Rachel and Dr . Leasa will explain how connecting to and using your Power Spot™ will power your life and your yoga practice.


We will also provide an overview of the yoga philosophy and history of women in relation to yoga asana.


This is the first of an entire workshop series on Female Pelvic Health and Yoga so stay tuned as we announce additional workshops offerings



Hand Gesture

Tamara B

"The Female Pelvic Health course was so helpful, not to mention just plain fun. I especially appreciated the use of diagrams, models, and demonstrations to understand more about my body and how to prevent pelvic floor problems as I age. Rachel and Leasa make a powerful teaching team!"

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture

Britt B

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop.

I learned a ton and already absolutely feel the remarkable benefits of the power spot. Also, as someone who experiences chronic lower back pain (much due to years of REALLY bad posture), I found the visual aids SUPER helpful. Being able to see where and how our organs become repositioned really helps to visualize, practice and maintain a more proper alignment. Yay!"

Women Practicing Yoga

Judy B

"I watched the female pelvic health workshop this weekend and was so grateful for the opportunity to learn about a part of my body of which I was fairly unaware.  Rachel and Dr. Leasa did a great job, not only describing the structure of the pelvis, but showing us through a skeletal model and by exploring our own bone structure, where important parts are located and how they impact us.  We also had the opportunity to learn about movements in the pelvis that we can use to "power" our poses and transform our yoga practice.  Thank you Rachel and Dr. Leesa for this very informative and beneficial class."


JOIN Dr. Leasa and Rachel

as we explore the female pelvis and how yoga can contribute to female pelvic health. 

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