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Yoga of Alignment Kollective

Part of the Thrive Wellness Community

Lundberg Yoga School Graduates


This is the program and instructor that I've waited almost 10 years for

Suzanne Mills, graduate 2015

Rachel is very experienced in alignment based yoga and I continue to study with her!

Colleen Corry, graduate 2015

This was a thorough training program and prepares students well for teaching yoga.

Janice Schermer, graduate 2016

The Lundberg Yoga Teacher Training surpassed all of my expectations and more!

Brandy Hodges, graduate 2016


"I decided to study yoga because I wanted to be consistent with my home practice. I chose to study with Rachel Lundberg because I had attended her classes and truly appreciated her depth of body awareness and alignment. Mostly, I loved how easily I could follow her cues. I learned so much about my body and ways to do asana that in the past I would just think, "I could never do that!" Rachel's passion and love of yoga shines through her teaching.


My original intent was to learn in order to deepen my home practice which was basically non-existent. What I gained, however, was way beyond my dreams or intent. I now feel confident and capable to teach and have already begun teaching at two locations. I was not quite expecting that. Also, my home practice is a real thing now, including inversions! At the age of 57, inversions were not in my plan! Never even thought about them. I am so grateful that I took this class, not only to learn asana and how to create a daily practice or even how to teach others, I am grateful because I see that the poses are really such a small part of yoga. Diving into philosophy, meditation and noticing how I take things from the mat into my world has been an even greater gift."

Terry Jordan, graduate 2015

Lundberg Alignment Based Yoga Teacher Training was incredibly hands on, thoughtfully laid out and comprehensive in its yoga approach. I felt safe and confident in my teacher's abilities and knowledge and would recommend this course without reservation. It's an incredible value both from a time and money standpoint.

Jaime Mathis, graduate 2015

I am amazed by all the knowledge which I obtained in the training. The anatomy and alignment aspect of this training I feel has advanced my ability to teach safely and effectively beyond that of other teacher programs. Rachel is professional and kind and caring. I could not recommend this program more!

Angie Crouse, graduate 2015

The curriculum was wonderfully diverse and comprehensive in nature, combining practical skills development with philosophy, meditation, reflection, and dialogue.

Glenn Montgomery, graduate 2016

Lundberg Yoga and teacher Rachel Lundberg provide clear, outstanding instruction and support for their students. Learning and practicing asana, philosophy, and correct alignment is always a priority. Rachel is knowledgeable, precise, and supportive.

Ann Kendall, graduate 2015

The Lundberg YTT met and exceeded all of my expectations. The anatomy and pre-natal workshops were exceptional and instructed by professionals working in that particular field. It was a wonderful experience to learn from master teacher and professional, Julie Gudmestad. I have recommended this program to interested friends.

Gena LaFrenier, graduate 2016

Teacher Training at Lundberg Yoga was an extremely positive experience. All aspects, asana training, anatomy, philosophy, meditation, etc., were comprehensive in content and clear in presentation. Lead Teacher Rachel Lundberg and all other teachers are knowledgeable and generous in sharing that knowledge. They are all eager to see each student succeed.

Kaye Floyd, graduate 2016

The Lundberg Yoga teacher-training program has been one of the most meaningful investments in my personal health and well being that I have ever completed. This program has exceptionally prepared and qualified me to teach yoga and share my outstanding alignment-based training with others, which has been thoroughly rewarding and has exceeded all of my expectations.

Liisa Pruzek, graduate 2016

The Lundberg Yoga teacher training program changed my life. Being immersed in the warm community, dedicated practice, and thorough curriculum saturated me [mind + body + soul] with understanding, as well as inspiration. Rachel Lundberg has crafted a beautifully pointed program, infusing her instruction with both the flavor of her passion and the grounded clarity that only comes from such notable experience.

Jenna Kay Louie, graduate 2015

Rachel was an excellent teacher trainer. She listened to the student's concerns and addressed our issues. She was patient with us and I am a better teacher because of this. She was honest and genuine and I appreciate that tremendously. Furthermore, she is a very capable practitioner.

Cindy Romaine, graduate 2016

This program is exactly what you are looking for if you want to get the following out of your Yoga Instructor experience: Knowledge, authenticity, power, awareness of the body/anatomy, love, creativeness, a supportive environment, yoga, yoga, yoga and strength in all areas of your studies.

Ann Kohnstamm, graduate 2017

It was obvious our trainer, Rachel Lundberg, took her teaching responsibility very very seriously. Every time I interacted with a yoga student now, I am so grateful for her precision, caution, and clarity of instruction.

Audrey Buchanan, graduate 2016

Rachel Lundberg is an amazing teacher. She helps you every step of the way and makes sure you are comfortable with the material she has given you. This training has given be a new opportunity in life and I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative. I hope her training continues to grow and expand- I believe more people should be taught under this teacher training. There is just so much they offer that you can not get anywhere else. This has truly changed my life. Thank you.

Angelic Dean, graduate 2017

You will be hard pressed to find a more conscientious teacher training instructor or one with one more heart than Rachel Lundberg. If your goal is to thoroughly learn the basics of alignment based yoga and enjoy some of the best guest teachers around on such topics as prenatal yoga, and anatomy, sign yourself up for her 200 hour program. You'll see why she attracts that kind of collaboration with other world class instructors -- highly respected in the industry, she makes it a point to see you, respect you and honor your path. Highly recommended.

Dana Coffee, graduate 2018

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