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Yoga and Female Pelvic Health with Rachel and Dr. Leasa 

Female Pelvic Health and Yoga  with Rachel and Leasa

Female Pelvic Health and Yoga with Rachel and Leasa

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Props needed: 


2-4 firm blankets 

2 blocks

1 yoga strap

1 chair 

Notebook and pen 

In this workshop we will cover:

The anatomy of the female pelvis including muscles, bones, organs, pelvic floor, and the diaphragm/pelvic floor connection. 

You will gain a greater understanding of female pelvic health, and leave with asana practices and tips to assist with general pelvic health as well as how to understand and support urinary/vaginal  structural weakness by learning how to access and use your Power Spot™

Rachel and Dr . Leasa will explain how connecting to and using your Power Spot™ will power your life and your yoga practice.

They will also provide an overview of the yoga philosophy and history of women in relation to yoga asana.

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