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How to Talk So Your Emotions Can Hear You

Are you tired of feeling bad when you’ve done everything right? Does it feel like all your self-work still isn’t working?


There is a trap those of us who do a lot of self-work tend to fall into. After a few years we start to expect a lot from ourselves, and become impatient if old patterns come up or we have strong emotions in response to seemingly small events.

Commonly people will say, “I know I shouldn’t take this personally”, “I’m too old to still care about these things”, or “I know I’m being foolish.” All of these are efforts to call on logic and reason to handle the situation, but emotions don’t do logic or reason.

In order to shift the actual emotions we have to learn how to speak at their level. This workshop explains how emotions operate, why they can still come up even after you “know better”, and how to speak so the level that’s running the emotion can hear you and change.

JUNE 24, 2023

Time: 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Where: Thrive Yoga and Wellness Center, 1107 7th St., Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Cost: $30

limit to 25 people per session

Thrive Monthly member use the code HAPPY 

for $10 off


Jewel Marin




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