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Summer Solstice Crystal Sound Bath

Join us June 21st as we come together to celebrate the Summer Solstice

What to expect

We will gather as a community to celebrate and honor the Summer Solstice with a healing crystal sound bath. This sound bath session will last for 90 minutes. 

We will get as comfortable as possible with blankets, props and cushions with our eyes closed, either lying down or sitting. Nikki Caballero will guide us into a meditative state and the sound journey will begin.

JOIN US JUNE 21, 2023

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm for $35

What Sound Does For Our Minds

Sound Baths are a form of meditation. The quartz crystal bowls stimulate alpha and theta brainwaves associated with a clear and peaceful states of mind.

Nikki Caballero

Hello, I’m Nikki. I’m a Sound Healing Guide, Certified Hypnotist, and Energy Worker. I help guide individuals on their path to self-healing by teaching them how to access different levels of consciousness through sound and hypnosis addressing issues concerning the mind, body, and emotions.

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