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Spring Equinox Sound Bath

We welcome you to a very special Candlelit Sound Bath event, where you're invited to Reflect, Receive and Renew.

As the earth finds balance of light and darkness, immerse yourself in a symphony of healing vibrations to welcome the arrival of spring.

Guided by the ethereal tones of crystal singing bowls, the deep resonance of the gong, the delicate whispers of chimes, the rhythmic embrace of the ocean drum, and the heartfelt resonance of Aphyna’s soothing voice, allow yourself to journey within.

March 17, 2024

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM for $35

limits to 25 person per session

As the sounds envelop you, feel tension melt away, releasing the remnants of winter's grasp on your spirit. Let go of what no longer serves you, creating space for new growth and possibilities.

At the conclusion of the sound bath, indulge in a moment of reflection over a soothing cup of tea. Guided journaling prompts will invite you to delve deep within, exploring insights gained during the winter months and clarifying your intentions for the emerging spring season.

Whether you seek rejuvenation, clarity, or simply a moment of tranquility, this Spring Equinox Sound Bath offers a sanctuary for your soul to align with the rhythms of nature and embrace the transformative power of the season. Join us as we celebrate the awakening of spring and the infinite possibilities it brings.

Please bring a journal and pen, yoga mat, blanket and pillow and dress comfortably.

Aphyna Zoe

Aphyna Zoe is an astrologer, performing artist, sound healer and mama on a mission to help people reconnect with the wisdom of their heart, reclaim their inner power and create a life that sings with beauty and meaning. Sharing sound medicine to bring people into a state of peace and connection to their Spirit is one of her greatest joys.

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