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Exploring the Foundation of Ayurveda

Join this In-Person Workshop with Teacher Karen Barken

Trained in the Principles of Ayurveda, Karen will guide us through an introduction to what Ayurveda is, its history, and the tools that Ayurveda can offer to assist in self-healing and maintaining one's ongoing health and wellbeing.


12:30 - 2:30 pm for $40

We will learn how to apply these tools in our daily life by understanding the basics of the different Ayurvedic elements in nature and the three forces of the body which bring us health when in balance.

Understanding these tools more fully, we will then play with how to apply these principles to our personal yoga asana practice and modify them to best accommodate our individual needs.

Karen Barkan

Karen's yoga journey began in 2015 in NJ. On this journey, from an information system analyst to a yoga instructor, she connected with her heart and found the healer within her..

Soon Ayurveda and Yoga became a significant part of her life. Today those 2 powerful tools help her heal herself and others, and fill her heart with joy

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