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Yogic Lore with Kimi Marin

  • Thrive Yoga & Wellness 502 7th Street, Suite 4, Oregon City, OR, 97045 United States (map)

Yogic Lore

Mythology is a narrative that explains how the world, and all its inhabitants, came to exist and are often used to teach and establish behavioral models.  Similarly in yoga, the poses we embody are part of a richly diverse spiritual tradition. Many of the philosophies, rituals, and poses of yoga are adapted from various texts and myths.  

In this session, you will discover the mythic deities, sages, and animals that inspired the asanas. Kimi Marin will tell the stories that inspired the yoga poses as well as discuss the greater implication of these stories on a conscious and subconscious level and how they are mirrors of your own life experience. You will learn how to theme a class around these myths and which mudras correspond to the stories. The session will culminate with an hour practice that will help you experience the myths in your body and psyche

About Kimi: 

Kimi Marin, a Portland-based yoga teacher, helps people find clarity in their mind, body and spirit. She guides students through their practice by riding the waves of breath, energetically aligning breath and body.

Kimi has a master’s degree in literature, and loves to combine the power of stories with yoga. She often weaves the myths and stories about various poses into the class. Her transformative Yogic Lore Flow workshops are a fun combination of stories, asana, meditation, and muda.

Kimi’ was featured in Portland Monthly Magazine, Origin Magazine’s Inspire Series, and was the featured ambassador for Ahnu Footwear June 2013. Her writing is published on several online sites including Yoganonymous and BeYogi.


A Note from Marci, Owner of Thrive Yoga & Wellness:

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a few of Kimi's Logic Lore workshops; and that is what they experience. Kimi's literary prowess and talent for drawing her students into the stories behind the practice is nothing short of powerful. It is like story time for grown ups. Kimi draws you in and you get lost in these beautiful and symbolic tales of Yogic Lore. As you begin to move through the practice, she masterfully weaves the story into movement, allowing you to feel the power of the tales. We are so very lucky to have Kimi Marin teach at Thrive Yoga & Wellness. I can guarantee this will be an experience you will not soon forget. See you there Thrive Tribe! 

Pre-Register: $25

At the Door: $30

Thrive Members: $20