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Yoga Nidra

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Beginning in November 2018 - First Friday Night of every Month. A proven antidote to anxiety, Yoga Nidra has been adopted by veterans, recovering addicts and the average stressed-out people. Although Yoga Nidra can help with stress reduction and a better nights sleep, it also helps promote a better sense of well-being. It is not actually ‘sleep’ yoga at all. Unlike other forms of meditation, in which you focus on mantra or on your breath, Yoga Nidra asks you simply to let go. It encourages you to engage in the process of surrender. Yoga Nidra is a systematic form of guided relaxation that allows the body to restore our senses and reset the mind to their natural function. A typical class starts by setting an intention for your life and for your practice. Then you learn to focus your awareness on your breath, bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts. Throughout the practice, you are encouraged to tap into an underlying sense of peace that is always present and to cultivate “witness consciousness,” observing and welcoming whatever is present “without getting caught up in it.”

You don’t have to do yoga or meditate to do Yoga Nidra. It’s an appealing practice to people who might feel intimidated by yoga postures or traditional seated meditation. You will be lying on the floor for the majority of the class so please come prepared with your own comfy pillow (we do have bolsters), a blanket (the studio does have a some available), and any additional props you feel you may need. USE THE RESTROOM PRIOR TO CLASS BEGINNING. This is very important as it is VERY distracting during the practice if suddenly you need to rush to the restroom. Thank you and look forward to sharing this practice with you.

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