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Deepening Breath Awareness with Yin and Pranayama with Jordan Castellanos

  • Thrive Yoga & Wellness 502 7th Street Oregon City, OR, 97045 United States (map)

Yogic breathwork is an ancient form of purification for the body and mind and has powerful benefits. It's proven to calm the sympathetic nervous system which causes us to act or react, fight or fly. By interacting with breath control we reduce overall stress and the way we engage with the world! When breath technique is harnessed in stillness, it can be utilized within yoga postures to open and lengthen muscles as well as the minds capacity to produce neuroplasticity. Re­wiring your brain to quickly and instinctively change from negative reactions and thought patterns to a more stable emotional balance.

When we are present with our breath in moments of tension, stress or pain, our perception of its experience potentially changes to a lesson learned and/or valued. After all, If your disconnected to your breath in your physical practice you are not experiencing the quality or depth within your yoga practice. In this workshop, we explore basic seated breath­work followed by yin/restorative shapes to build confidence and align your breaths capacity with the subtle body. Netti pot use prior to workshop is encouraged.

Breath practice includes:
•Ujjayi pranayama - victorious breath •Viloma 1&2 - cooling and heating breath •Kapalabhati - shining skull •Nauli kriya - yogic cleansing process •Dirga swasam pranayama - 3 part breath