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Yoga for Unexpected Change with Jaime Mathis

Life can be full of surprises. When the big ones come, we can find refuge and peace in yoga. This workshop is for people who have gone through or are going through momentous shifts in life. Perhaps your health has taken a turn. A job evaporates without warning. Someone you love dies suddenly. When life overturns your table, you can come back to balance, even in the midst of the storm. Explore your potential to find your center in this 2 hour workshop which will incorporate gentle asana, yoga philosophy, Neural Retraining and meditation. Suitable for all levels of mobility and experience. 

Jaime is a childhood cancer survivor, currently pregnant and just found out her husband has a brain tumor. She is also a meditator, writer/ musician and a practitioner of yoga for 17 years. She regularly teaches meditative Hatha at Thrive and yoga philosophy for teacher training programs around Portland. “I have experienced a great deal of unexpected change in my life since childhood and I can honestly say, it has led me to the peace I live with today. If I can do it, you can too.”

Registration limited to 15 attendees. Please register by Wednesday, March 14th. 

$40, $35 Thrive Tribe Members