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Healing Hips Workshop with Jordan Castellanos 500RYT

The activities and stresses of our daily life can cause our hips to lose their mobility creating systemic problems throughout the entire body. Our emotional state also depends highly on the health of our nervous systems ability to transmit signals to and from the brain via the hips and central nervous system in the spine. By opening the hips with care, not only do we improve our perception, but we allow our true potential to unfold and health to radiate from our being! Which also creates space for our physical practice to grow!

In this 2 hour workshop hosted by Jordan, hips will be explored in thoughtful guidance through a vinyasa connected with intention, and followed up with a deep dive in to a Yin yoga and niyama (inner observance) practice to release trauma and create space deep in the connective tissue of your hips.

Become more confident in your personal practice, and ensure the safety in the exploration of its vast potential! This workshop is all levels and is available to everyone!