Feel the Fear. Do it Anyway.

Come with me to Costa Rica! I know….totally last minute, but if you like a little spontaneity, you should absolutely join me. It has literally been 7 years since I had a vacation. Wah wah! 😭First world problem right?! 🥴

The truth is, it’s not about the vacation. It’s about trusting the universe that my life, my business, my family won’t fall apart when I’m gone.

Can I be transparent with you tribe? You see, for most of the past 7 years I have been living in a state of hyper vigilance. I was AFRAID to be too far from home. I was TERRIFIED that if I did, my son, who was battling a heroin addiction would overdose and I wouldn’t be around to help him. Dark. I know. I wouldn’t make plans. I wouldn’t go far from home. I wouldn’t commit to anything that would take me from my family. I’m happy to say my amazing child is now almost 2 YEARS clean! (I couldn’t be a prouder mom!)

I can’t express how life-giving this is to me personally. To my family. To my heart. To my business.

This retreat is more than just a vacation. This is me trusting that I am safe. Trusting that my family is OK without me for a week. Trusting that my tribe at home is taking care of my baby (aka our amazing studio). Is this the BEST time for me to go away. Omg Nope! Am I a little scared about leaving? You bet I am! But guess what. I am staring down that fear and those old shadows that try to follow me and I’m giving them the bird.

F-OFF fear, self-doubt, guilt, worry, and anxiety. It is MY time now. Time to get away with my tribe, my people. Time to heal. Time to share the gift of my heart and my practice.

I hope you’ll take the leap and join us. This is going to be transformative in so many levels. Maybe your big leap has nothing to do with a yoga retreat or a vacation. My hope for you is that you will stand in your power, and courage and let your light shine through. My hope is that you will look at your own fear-doubt-guilt-worry-anxiety, flip it the bird. Be scared. Do “it” (whatever your “it” is) anyways. Overcoming fear takes courage and the willingness to take a step toward that which we want to step AWAY from. You got this. I am right here with you doing it too.

abhaya mudra 2.JPG

Abhaya Mudra

Mudra of No-Fear

Mudras are symbolic gestures and energetic seals. Abhaya Mudra, the no-fear gesture, represents peace, protection, and dispels fear. This is a wonderful mudra to use during your practice (we did Abhaya in Goddess Pose today).

Mantra can also be a powerful tool in overcoming fear. When fear creeps in and threatens to de-rail you and your focus repeat one of the following to yourself either out loud or in your mind. Say it. And BELIEVE it is possible.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

or (one of my favorites)

“I am a force to be reckoned with.” Sometimes, when I need extra umph——-”I am a f*cking, force to be reckoned with!”

Let’s go out there, feel the fear (that isn’t going to go away) and do it anyway. Because after all……you are a force to be reckoned with.