Jessica Janovicz, MA, BCC
Board Certified Life and Wellness Coach

Hi my name is Jessica and I have a passion for holistic health and wellness, while striving to help my clients work towards becoming the best version of themselves. My focus is on empowering people in areas that include career, relationships, spirituality, health, and personal achievement.

I have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and am a board certified Life and Wellness Coach with years of experience working with a wide range of clients. I have experienced loss, including both my mother and only sibling (brother) in a span of six months. I deal with the daily stresses of family life, negotiating work/life balance, and having to pick myself up when life gets hard. With a husband and two children, days can be filled with joy, but can also be fraught with challenges. But once I started coaching, I realized that even though the “why” is interesting, it can sometimes keep us stagnant.

The real benefit of ‘life and wellness coaching’ is that it is goal directed, solution oriented, and motivating. Coaching is about looking forward instead of back. Go to or call 570-337-0763 to schedule your free 1 hour consultation.