Our practice is a journey, much like life. Join us for a class featuring a Vinyasa flow. Take a journey flowing down a river of movement and breath, In Vinyasa yoga we will link sun salutes and series of poses (asana) together as we move and flow with our breath. Each teacher brings his or her unique gifts and teaching style to vinyasa classes. While this is an all levels class, some experience with yoga will be helpful in preparation for a vinyasa flow.

You can expect soft lighting and music appropriate for the mood of the day's practice. Some use of props (blocks, straps, bolsters, etc). Poses aren't usually held for very long as this is a breath-movement based class.  


Hatha offers an opportunity to cultivate a balanced body, mind and spirit.  A focus of this class is on detailed alignment to promote the safe building of strength to support extended flexibility. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Renew Hatha

Come stretch and strengthen, relax and restore with this balanced practice accessible to students of all levels. There will be opportunities to challenge yourself and deepen your practice through greater understanding of yoga and yourself.

You can expect soothing music and use of props (blocks, straps, bolsters, etc). There may be some dynamic movement but poses are often held a little longer to allow the body to sink into the posture and increase strength and mobility. 

Hatha Foundations

This class features the methodologies of a Hatha Yoga asana class.. A focus of this class is on detailed alignment to promote the safe building of strength to support extended flexibility. Instruction on the use of props will be included routinely to allow for safe and supported exploration of movement. Perfect class for beginners and those seeking a more gentle, instructive class. 

Prana Flow

A lunch time pick-me-up class. This all-levels class is perfect for your lunch break. You can expect music, pranayama (breath work), movement (asana), and restorative meditation.

Rise + Shine Hatha

Ease into the day, gently warming up joints and muscles then build energy and cultivate balance. Leave with a comfortable body and mind, ready to face the day!

Rise + Thrive Flow

The perfect early bird class! Greet the morning and start your day off right with this grounding flow practice. An early morning flow class is the perfect way to gain focus and momentum for your day. You can expect soft lighting and music appropriate for a flow class. 

Deep Stretch/Yin Yoga

This class will consist of primarily seated poses where we focus on stretching, releasing tension and increasing flexibility and mobility.  A mix of dynamic movement and longer-hold poses to keep the breath-centered attention to practice.The dynamic stretch and recovery movements of this class balance out intense and repetitive work on the muscles - perfect for both athletes and people who spend a considerable about of time at a desk. All major muscle groups of the body will be targeted including legs, hips, shoulders & back. The use of props encourages relaxation and helps with joint stability, flexibility & alignment. This is the perfect yoga class to release tension and stress from the day.

Slow Flow Vinyasa

Slow your flow! This vinyasa yoga class will feature a leisurely flow with the breath. We will focus on connecting mind, body, and breath while we really take it down a notch from our super fast paced lives. Slow flow vinyasa will offer a gentle challenge and, at times, we will build heat. However, we will balance out challenge and ease finding that sweet center.

Great introduction to Vinyasa Flow style classes. 

Gentle Flow

This meditative class will invite you to slow down, deepen your breath, and go within. We will focus on linking breath to movement as we flow through gentle postures designed for all levels. You will be given options and modifications for poses, encouraging you to tune into your body's wisdom to make the practice truly your own. Much less intense than traditional vinyasa, but more movement than restorative, this flow finds the 'just right' balance of effort and ease, wrapped in deep relaxation. All levels welcome! 

TGIF Hatha

TGIF Hatha offers an opportunity to cultivate a balanced body, mind and spirit. Incorporating asana, meditation, mantra and breathing techniques, this Hatha based class promotes alignment and movement as a vehicle for achieving a more conscious life. Help your body remember what it means to be wholly balanced and well. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Perfect class to end the work week.

Thrive Flow

A dynamic yoga flow that integrates the movement of Vinyasa Yoga, the focus of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama (breath work) in a way that encourages increased body awareness and attention to alignment.
Ideal for students with basic yoga experience. Students new to yoga with an openness and interest are also welcome. Students are invited to be present in this class, building strength, stamina, flexibility, and sense of well-being.

Power Yoga

A Power Yoga class brings more fire to your yoga practice and encourages a sense of energy and empowerment. It is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session.This flow or vinyasa style class is sure to heat you up and challenge your body and mind. Baron Baptiste, the founder of this form of yoga, describes this practice as “the perfect blend of sweat and serenity.” With many options to modify or intensify your session, this is a great all levels class.

Restorative Yoga

Welcome to relaxation and restoration. One of our most popular classes, Restorative yoga includes supported asana, meditation and breath work. Emphasis is placed on bringing awareness to the breath and allowing the body and mind to release and restore. Asanas are mostly passive, often supine and lusciously supported with a wide variety of props (we provide them all!) and held for an extended period of time (5-10 minutes). This is a great place to start if you are looking to explore very gentle yoga or introduce your body to new movements in a deeply supported way. Newer students will learn gentle approaches to poses and experienced students and athletes will benefit by adding restoratives to their practice and/or training program. This is also a great all around class for those looking to deeply relax, unwind and melt away stress. 


Incorporating the fundamentals of Pilates, this class follows the classical Beginner/Intermediate mat order, and is appropriate for all students. While Intermediate level exercises may be introduced, modifications are always provided. Although Pilates equipment is not utilized during mat classes, small exercise props such as Magic Circles, weights, bands and balls are often utilized to engage specific muscle groups and assist with body positioning. 

Chair Yoga

A gentle and accessible approach to yoga. Increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and feel more at ease. This class is great for those with limited mobility due to injury, illness, or age.

Join us for this empowering and gentle class.

Gentle Stretch and Yoga Nidra

This class is ideal for beginners and all level students seeking a more relaxed yoga experience. (Great for those who enjoy a longer relaxation, but also need to move and stretch.) In this practice, we will be gently stretching and combining breath work to release any tension that you may be holding or experiencing in different parts of the body. The second half of class will be Yoga
Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation that releases “deeply” held tensions of the body and mind. It is a ‘conscious’ relaxation that makes use of props to create positions of ease and comfort. This class is designed to “let go” of the stresses we have accumulated during the week and reset the mind & body balance so we are better able to enjoy our much-deserved weekend break.

Cultivating Calm

Achieving physical and mental tranquility can be challenging. Take an hour to use yogic practices including movement, stillness, breath work and meditation to cultivate relaxation on your mat and beyond. Appropriate for any student able to get up from and down to the floor.

Hatha 2

Ready to deepen your practice? In this Hatha class you will have time to observe yourself in poses. Then, find ways to refine and challenge yourself. Learn how to cultivate a more balanced practice with poses accessible to intermediate students and those with knowledge of foundational poses.

Zen Masters: After school Class for Kids

An after school yoga club for kids! Ages 6-8 will be held THURSDAYS from 4-5:15 pm. Ages 9-12 will be held TUESDAYS from 4-5:15 pm. We will learn about mindfulness as a daily practice, move through various styles of yoga, themed practices, and discover the strength within us! Yoga is a great tool for calming the nervous system to deal with emotions, stress and trouble focusing. Students of all abilities are welcome in this 6 weeks series. Sign up for all or drop-in.  ** Scholarships available! **